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  • Parent-child Relationship

    Parent-child Relationship

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    Are you honest with your child? Do you answer most of the questions asked by your child? Do you communicate properly with your child? How many times do you lie in front of your child? Such questions drive us to ponder deeply. Unquestionably, parents want to see their children good from various angles however, there might be several minor things that might be obstacles in building a good relationship with their children. The article mostly deals with how to make good relationships with their kids.

    Undoubtedly, parents want to be honest but in several cases, they underestimate their children and say something lies. The false ideas or actions can be simple and some might be reversed. However, children easily take benefit from parents and they also sometimes blackmail them. Parents assume their children are always young and consider that they cannot understand much about adult-related issues. Unfortunately, a child is never too young to receive the message and interpret the behavior and circumstances of parents. Children may not understand why parents are telling a lie. However, they clearly understand that parents are cheating on somebody and speaking lies and they are also doing something wrong. Such things create doubt in children about their parents’ activities and beliefs.

    Several methods might help to establish a good relationship between children and parents. On ample occasions, some of the parents blame their children as they are wrong however parents may play a vital role to make the children as they are. Some actions can be crucial to make a good bond between parents and children.

    Love your child very from birth:

    Research has shown that fathers who take a week or more off work when their babies are born have a closer relationship with their children at every stage. Is this cause and effect? The bonding theorists say that if a man bonds with his/her newborn, he will stay closer to them throughout life. I do not mean that we have to do the same. However, parents need to manage time to play with them. The young kids do not understand what parents say but they recognize us. They respond in their own ways that how we behave toward them.

    Establish trust with each other:

    Children often think that their father knows everything and is the bravest one in the world. Their mother loves them so much that nobody does like her. Research shows that children’s trust begins in infancy. By the time babies are a year old, babies are “securely attached” to their parents, which basically means the babies trust that their parents can be dependent on them to meet their emotional and physical needs. But it is a truth that the father does not know everything about the world and the mother also has to love other children as well as others. In this sense, parents have to show safe landing that there are so many things in the world a father cannot understand. They have to take references from books and other sources to address their queries. In contrast, parents also have to trust them. Sometimes children attempt to show the things which they have never experienced. For instance, depositing some amount in a bank, caring for pets in their absence, welcoming gust at home, and even cooking new food. Trust them in such things and make them independent

    Truly respect and encourage each other:

    Always respect your children and their work. If you respect them in response they also respect you. They learn several things from how we respect others. Sometimes we praise somebody in their presence and we start to criticize immediately in their absence. Such habits create a negative influence on children. If you are trying to be a boss, they would never accept you as a boss. So, show your respect to all types of people as all human beings are equal and everyone wants other’s love, respect, and care.

    Lead children to experiment new things:

    Psychologists say that what a child learns up to twelve years is ultimate learning and the rest things what they learn in later days is making things complicated. So, why stop them from making experiments and doing mistakes? If they are doing some risky thing then show the risk as well as the strength of it. Think, they need your encouragement to see themselves as good people who are capable of doing new things. They need to know you are on their side. If most of what comes out of your mouth is correction or criticism, they won’t feel good about themselves, and they won’t feel like you are their friend.

    Do good interaction and communication:

    You need not have to do very special things to teach good interaction to your children. For instance, how you behave to your relatives, friends, and even to the owner of the grocery shop; they copy similar things from you. If you are not very fair and clear in payment and granting anything to others then your children also learn the same. Interactions that happen more than once tend to initiate a pattern. Nagging and criticizing is not the basis of a relationship with someone you love. Besides your life is too short for you to spend it in a state of annoyance.

    Forget your cherished ideas:

    At first, forget some of the ideas which are established for a long time. For instance, my child will be very polite; will not watch TV very often; will stay calm; will study most of the time so forth. Rather think, after the baby your home will be dirty; there will be quarrels; you will get so many troubles while the baby will be sick. Once you have done this you will learn to love your kids for who they really are and enjoy them and realize that they really are one of the best things that happened to you. Do not compare your child with others.

    At least, there must be a close link between parents and children. Several things can be seen through open eyes and so many things can be invisible. Parents need to play a beautiful role to flourish them and need to establish favorable environment. If we are not honest and trustworthy to them then they may not be as we hope for. We often impose such ideas on children that they cannot get success in their whole life. Whatever, there might be several thing things that might be crucial to establish good relationships with children however love, trust, encouragement, honesty, and so on are primary in building good relationships with children.


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